5 Myths About Trash the Dress Photos: Part II

You might just be surprised exactly how good you truly do look underwater. Some of the most romantic images are captured when you aren't trying to look good
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In my last article, "5 Myths About Trash the Dress Photos: Part 1" I covered the first five misconceptions of trash the dress photo sessions. Below you can dive into the next five along with more tips and tricks to aide in your transformation to water angel.

1. I don't look good underwater, so I shouldn't do it. You might just be surprised exactly how good you truly do look in these shots. Some of the most romantic images are captured when you aren't trying to look good. An underwater kiss with your hair flowing like silk, swimming with your elongated body towards a light held by the photographer or creating a beautiful dancer-style pose can shock and awe even your own eyes. Don't judge yourself on what you look like on a regular beach day. This is totally different.

TIP: When all else fails, take a shot of tequila! Doesn't that always make you feel like you can do anything?

2. I probably won't do anything with the photos afterwards. If you don't think lining your walls with some of the most unique photos you'll probably ever star in is appealing, you're right. If you think that's something that just might rock your world, keep reading.

Beyond sharing a billion photos of you and your life partner in fantasy settings on your social media outlets, you're also creating personal artwork. While creating paintings that rival Klimt may not be your forte, ordering wall-sized canvases just may be. In all honesty, while I cherish our wedding photos it's our trash the dress photos that truly rock our world. My own plans include donating a wall of our house to all photos on canvas commemorating our love from jungle to sea.

TIP: Think beyond the photo album with these photos. They really do double as artwork so plan on reserving space from boudoir to living room to showcase your magic.

3. I can't wear a dress that isn't my wedding dress. Absolutely false! Have you seen any of the fashion or trash the dress images that incorporate underwater shots? Dresses with color and playful design can be super sexy. Vibrant colors against the turquoise sea or dark cenote will pop. You shouldn't fear changing up your wedding day look for a gorgeous colorful goddess aesthetic.

TIP: Think about your favorite color and incorporate it into your dress choice and/or accessories. Gorgeous reds, pink and even yellows can create a dramatic, stunning look for these incredible photos. Just make sure it has the ability to float around you. Straight hemmed dresses need not apply.

4. Swimming underwater and still looking graceful is easy. I'm not going to lie to you. I cringed when I saw a lot of the faces I made while trying to achieve the water angel look. The key is relaxation. Unfortunately many of us are not accustomed to looking relaxed while wearing a wedding dress underwater. Add the fact that it may take awhile and you may need to redo something multiple times to get the perfect shot, relaxation is really the only way to truly achieve your goal.

TIP: Practice holding your breath. I cannot stress this enough. While the images we see on photographer's pages obviously only showcase the most beautiful poses, without controlling your breathing it all falls flat. Just as important as controlling your breath is practicing to keep your eyes open underwater. While it may sound easy, keeping your eyes open for long periods of time and smiling underwater do not always easily go hand in hand. Practice makes perfect and your photos will prove it.

5. Regardless of the weather, I'm sure it'll be warm. When in doubt, find out! I can't claim to know what the exact temps will be in your trash the dress location of choice, so check with your photographer. When we did our trash the dress session it was November in Playa del Carmen. If you've ever been to Mexico during this month, it's absolutely gorgeous. The weather is warm without being insanely hot and ocean temps are cool but refreshing. The cenotes on the other hand are freezing!

Think it's not a big deal? You're in a cave and trying to achieve the most stunning photos imagineable. Shivering doesn't add to the beauty, so know going into it that you may have to suffer a bit for beauty (like that's something we're not used to). Rest assure that when you make it to the beach your glow will come right back.

TIP: Vibrant sheer scarves can add a graceful element and possibly a bit of warmth. When all else fails, make sure your photographer is stocked with tequila.

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