5 Travel Booking Secrets That Will Help You Score Cheaper Flights

You'll never book a flight the same way again.

Travel search engines are a dime a dozen. From snagging last-minute hotel rooms to skirting pricey airline fees by booking individual one-way tickets, it seems as if today's travel sites have it all figured out.

But if you put 100 percent of your trust in these tools, you may not be getting the biggest bang for your buck.

The folks at DealsPlus, an online community for bargain hunters, reached out to travel experts and insiders to find out where these websites are hiding some of the best deals -- and how you can beat the system.

Whether you're planning for a future trip or in search of the perfect last-minute summer escape, take note of the booking secrets in the infographic below.

Trust us, these 5 tricks will change the way you search for travel.

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