Travel Increases Sex Appeal, According To New Survey

Travelers Are Sexy & They Know It

We knew it all along, travelers are sexy. Now we just have some hard evidence to back it up. A survey of Australian singles shows that travel makes people more attractive.

The poll, conducted by tour operator Intrepid Travel, accounted for more than 880 singles on dating site, according to

"We know that when looking for a partner, shared interests and lifestyle goals are very important,” RSVP spokeswoman Melanie Dudgeon said in the release. "Many singles hope to travel and explore the world with a partner and this is why a common interest in travel is important to such a large majority."

The survey also showed that 23% of respondents found adventure seekers to be the most attractive (22% prefer the "off-the-beaten-track traveler" and 16% find the "cultural connoisseur" hot).

Ninety-six percent of those surveyed who are interested in travel are also looking for people passionate about seeing the world. And, 59% of singles prefer other singles as travel partners.

So where might all these singles be headed? A recent survey conducted by revealed the most romantic destinations in the U.S., according to its users. Check out their picks below.

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