B-Tourist Gadget Finally Makes It Possible To Avoid Every Single Human On A Plane

It's a rare breed of human who gets chatty on a plane -- most of the time, we're so peeved by fellow passengers that all we can think of is finding a little space for ourselves.

Enter the B-tourist. This brilliant fabric band expands into its very own in-flight suite, lovingly encasing users in their very own elastic paradise completely devoid of other lifeforms.

It's the perfect place to eat a snack, read a magazine, take a nap... or just pretend nobody exists at all.





The B-tourist is made from a soft, stretchy fabric that loops around airplane seat backs. Two plastic rings allow travelers to adjust the width of their private sanctuary -- perhaps you want it fully expanded for mealtime privacy, but you'll definitely open things up when the beverage cart stops by.

A tiny pocket in the band stows earbuds and snacks, and the whole contraption clips together to make a smooth, supple napping platform for your weary head.



Unfortunately, the B-tourist has yet to hit the market (collective, jetlagged *SIGH*).

We can only hope that it will one day become available for purchase, changing the lives of coach-class travelers everywhere... and until then, our HoodiePillow will have to suffice.

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