13 Lies The Movies Are Telling You About Travel

If vacations occurred like they do in the movies, we'd all be upgraded to first class and skipping through security lines. In movies, romances pop out of nowhere on cruise ships and bags never, ever get lost.

But these are lies, people. ALL LIES. Don't believe these common misconceptions you've seen on the screen.

1. You can fly to majestic waterfalls without paying a cent, if you just tie a bazillion balloons to your roof.

From "Up"

2. It's completely possible to steer your family car underneath a moving truck... and live.

From "Christmas Vacation"

3. There's always a hot fellow American in the hotel room next door, just waiting to hang out with you.

From "Lost in Translation"

4. While backpacking through South America, there's a 99% chance you'll uncover a magical hidden idol.

From "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

5. It's totally legal to drink on the roof of Caesar's Palace.

From "The Hangover"

6. When you're tired of walking around Rome, it's customary to simply hop atop the nearest male's motorbike.

From "Roman Holiday"

7. Nobody's ever walking the streets of Paris-- they're always open for solitary strolls.
From "Midnight in Paris"

8. You can toootally leave your house 45 minutes before your flight takes off... from an airport 30 minutes away.

From "Home Alone"

9. Every person who offers to share a cab with you is doing so not for convenience, but in a sinister plot to find out where you live.
From "Taken"

10. The moment you board a cruise ship, your eternal soulmate will waltz onto the deck.

From "Titanic"

11. Europe is simply overflowing with men who own private jets... who also know how to fly them. And who also are totally content to partake in a three-way love triangle with you and your BFF.

From "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"

12. Bruges, Belgium is not a quaint tourist town. It's actually the gangbanger capital of the world.
From "In Bruges"

13. Flying to Bali will solve all your problems (ok, this one might not be a lie).
J Law
From "Eat, Pray, Love"

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