15 Frequent-Flier Recommended Products For The Traveler On Your Gift List

We asked actual flyers, road trippers and train riders what essential products they pack before they jet off.
A Reebok Nano X2 women's shoe, Anker portable charger, EEZEE travel blanket and Fosmon digital luggage scales

Gift-shopping for someone with a serious case of wanderlust and want to wow them with a present that will make their constant travels a little more convenient?

While the task of packing or gift-shopping can be daunting, one hack that makes it easier is to simply ask someone who travels all the time what must-haves they swear by. To help you out, we reached out to people who’ve traveled all over the world to ask them about the critical items they take on every trip. From portable digital luggage scales to an anti-theft backpack, below you’ll find useful products that will help ensure a smooth trip for any traveler, with price points starting at stocking stuffer-friendly levels.

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A pack of compression socks
Jessica Ufuoma, a travel blogger and founder of Gojolley, told HuffPost she always brings compression socks on her trips.

"They may not be the first thing you think about when traveling, but they make flying much more comfortable and keep your feet from swelling, especially during long-haul flights," she said.

These socks come in a pack of six and in a variety of color combinations, including neutrals like tan, black and white and vibrant prints like snowflakes, strawberries, multicolored stripes and polka dots. They come in sizes S-XL.
A silk pillowcase
Ufuoma also keeps a silk pillowcase handy, which provide several beauty and health benefits.

"For sanitary reasons, I always carry a silk pillowcase with me and swap it out with the hotel pillowcases, even in five-star hotels. Not only do they protect your hair and skin, they also help prevent germs. I always go for mulberry silk," she said.

This pillowcase is indeed made from pure mulberry silk and comes in multiple colors, including navy blue, silver, pink, black and white.
A pack of travel-size hand sanitizer
Solo traveler Chelsea Davis has been to 80 countries (so far), so it's safe to say she knows a thing or two about traveling must-haves. One basic necessity she always takes along is something you may already have, but there's always room to add more.

"I keep a travel-sized hand sanitizer in my purse and backpack at all times to help fight germs," she said.

This hand sanitizer comes in a pack of 8 and each one is encased in a jelly wrap carrier so you can attach it to your keychain or backpack.
Reebok Nano X2 cross trainers
No trip is complete without comfy shoes to walk around in. Solo traveler Gophari recommends these Reebok sneakers to keep feet happy during a journey.

"Comfortable walking shoes are not to be taken for granted! Adventuring by foot helps me to get a close experience of a place including its people and its flavors. I never want my shoes to limit my exploring," she said.

These shoes are suitable for gym activities and everyday walking or running. Features include a comfy, cushioned footbed, a durable rubber outsole and a variety of color combination options like black, white, pink and gray. The women's sizes range from 5-12 and men's sizes come in 5-14. Keep in mind they run large so it's suggested to size down.
A 4-pack of Apple AirTags
Travel content creator Brittany Smith said that recently, Apple AirTags have become a necessity for her travels.

"I've seen one too many stories about lost luggage, so whether I check a bag or not, the AirTags get hidden amongst my valuables," she said.

For iPhone users, these precision tracking tags can help keep track of important items such as purses, luggage, wallets or keys in the event that they are stolen, even during international travel. Each discrete tag uses ultra wideband to connect with its owner's phone and provide accurate location monitoring or to automatically send a notification when an AirTag is detected in their iPhone's Find My Network.

(If your recipient has a Galaxy phone running Android 8.0 or higher, opt for the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag below.)
A compact travel blanket
Jeanine Romo, a Los Angeles-based adventure traveler and co-host of the Oh My! Travel podcast, uses this travel-friendly blanket during flights to get quality ZZZs.

"I can be a bit of an anxious flyer so I found that I get the best sleep on planes when I cover myself with this travel blanket. And it’s super compact so I can take it anywhere from traveling via airplane, road tripping, or camping," she said."

The water-repellant, packable blanket comes in green, blue and gray and measures 54.3 inches by 35.4 inches when unfolded and 11 inches by 7 inches when compacted. It also snaps built into it so it easily converts into a hands-free poncho.
Fosmon digital luggage scales
This handy luggage scale is a definite lifesaver that Romo also brings along on flights.

"I take a portable luggage scale that is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry everywhere so I can avoid overweight bags.This is a game changer when flying with checked bags or when flying with airlines that have strict carry-on weight limits," she said.

The scale comes in a set of 2 and has a 110-pound weight capacity and the ability to measure room temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius with the built-in thermometer. The scale will alert you if your bag is over the maximum weight limit and when the built-in battery is low.
Anker portable charger
To be prepared in case of flight or train delays, New York City-based traveler Abigail Akinyemi keeps this portable charger on hand to make sure her devices have full batteries. It has a slim design and universal compatibility with a wide range of devices, including iPhones, Android phones, tablets and more.
AceMining portable door lock
As a solo traveler, Akinyemi uses this portable door stopper to ensure her safety when she's on the road. It adds an extra layer of security and prevents a door from being opened from the outside, even with a key. Its small size makes it easy to carry and it fits conveniently in a bag or suitcase. It fits most types of door locks and only works on doors that open inward.
Hydro Flask water bottle
Emily Cooper, a solo traveler who's been to 32 countries so far, brings this durable stainless steel water bottle on her trips.

"I like to stay hydrated when traveling to feel my best, but I don't like the waste of plastic water bottles. I always bring my own Hydro Flask which also doubles as an alternative 'weapon' when traveling solo," she said.

It comes in an array of colors, including white, black, pink, orange, red, blue and green, and in 18-ounce, 21-ounce and 24-ounce sizes. The built-in insulation keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours.
Pincnel anti-theft backpack
This anti-theft backpack that Cooper takes on every trip is available in multiple colors like black, blue, brown, red and gray.

"I would never leave for a trip without an anti-theft bag. My favorite is the Pincnel waterproof backpack. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my most valuable items will be safe," Cooper said.

It's made of 100% nylon and has tons of interior and pocket space to fit essentials. The zipper is located on the rear panel and is hidden while the bag is on the body, making it impossible (or at least very difficult) for someone to open it and take anything without detection.
Rainleaf microfiber towel
Adventurous travelers will find this compact accessory particularly useful. Crosby Melendi lives a digital nomad lifestyle and uses this microfiber towel often.

"This always comes in handy on my travels whether I'm at a hostel that charges extra for towels or on a waterfall hike and get soaking wet. It's super tiny and packs really easily!" she said.

The towel comes in multiple sizes from XS-XXL, and in a variety of colors like yellow, blue, green, gray, red and purple. It's fast-drying, ultra absorbent and thin enough to carry and maximize packing space.
Women’s Reef water vista sandal
In addition to a packable microfiber towel, Melendi makes room for this pair of water shoes.

"When I go on international backpacking trips, I always bring a pair of waterproof shoes to use in shared hostel showers and, of course, any aquatic adventures. I like these shoes because I can wear them in a ton of different environments, whether I'm grabbing lunch with a friend, taking a shower, or going in the water. I don't know what I'd do without them!" Crosby said.

The sandals come in colors like black/tan, pink, blue, white, tan and green and in women's sizes 5-11. The strap on the back is fully adjustable.
The Honey Pot feminine wipes
Sojourner White, a traveling remote social worker, keeps these feminine wipes from The Honey Pot on hand to freshen up on long trips.

"I love these because you never know if the airport stall you choose, or gas station bathroom on a road trip, has toilet paper. They don't irritate and make me feel refreshed on a long travel day until I can take a proper shower," she said.

The wipes come in sensitive skin and normal varieties. Both are fragrance-free, plant-based and made without parabens.
Fanm Djanm
Fanm Djanm bandana
Maintaining hair care while traveling can be challenging, especially when days are filled with fun activities. That's why White wears these colorful bandanas from Fanm Djanm to spruce up her outfits and on days when there's no time to do new hairstyles.

"For bad hair days or days when I want to put my hair up, I love bandanas. They make an outfit look a bit nicer and are also good for when my new growth is starting to show in my protective style (which is normally Marley twists) and I need to re-do my hair, but don't have time yet," she said.

Founded by Paola Mathè, Fanm Djanm is a headwrap and lifestyle brand focused on bold prints and high quality fabrics. This bandana is designed with beautiful hues of orange, brown, burgundy and cream. It's handmade in Austin, Texas, and constructed with 100% lightweight, breathable cotton.

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