Travel Romance in the Times of Dating Apps

Travel flings are one of the most praised things in pop culture. From Sandy and Danny in Grease to Liz and Felipe in Eat, Pray and Love, a romance that starts while traveling is considered one of the most exciting experiences a person can live. Nowadays, technology has impacted the way travel and romance converge. I totally believe my travel experience has taught me a little about this.

A few months ago, I told everyone how convinced I was about the power Couchsurfing can have on dating. Couchsurfing connects people with similar interests, similar mindsets and that is something that might lead into other types of chemistry. There are a few more other apps that can help you almost everywhere: the infamous dating apps.

I read an article by Trisha at Ps Im On My Way about the way she uses Tinder while traveling and I found it amazing. She uses Tinder to find people with whom to hang out with (at the end, most of us want to do that as well) and set up meetings with different people she met on the app. The problem was that, maybe some of them were expecting something completely different and finding out it was just hanging out was a little shocking. This is the way we’re living in the year 2017 that has only begun.

It is funny how you open a dating app almost everywhere around the world and the first question that pops is “Where should we meet? My place or your place?” I understand the fact that many people in a dating app is only looking for hook ups but, where did we left our social skills? Why we don’t want to “waste time” meeting new people who have just arrived in our cities? Why don’t we talk about our cultures? Why we don’t try to make friends anymore before getting into bed? I don’t know if it is because I’m getting older but, I actually like to understand and get to know the people around me. The problem is not ending up in bed; in the end, most of us ended up in a bed with a stranger whose accent made us yearn them. Now, there is something that apps have been killing slowly: flirting.

Flirting is almost dead since technology has took control of our lives. Swiping left or right have taken decisions for us that before we wouldn’t have been taking without actually getting to look at someone in the eyes. For my last two romances --one being a travel fling, technology did not play a major role and so, the other day when I was telling someone about them I was asked: “And didn’t you feel it worked actually better?” And in fact it did. I felt that I definitely established a relationship with these two people, who by the way are still worthy today. I guess it was because we actually were able to look into each other’s eyes and let everything go.

Our generation should try to make out the most of dating apps. By no means I am saying that we should stop using them, or even less to not use them while traveling. But I think that we should definitely consider that behind the picture that we swiped right, there is a person who has feelings, culture, language, dreams. How hard should it be to take some minutes to grab a coffee and get to know them?


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