Travel Safely With The Stars

The single most common request I have from clients is about travel: when, where, and most importantly what time to depart. For a while I had a client that called to ask if he should get out of bed that morning but thankfully his interests led him in other directions and he concentrated on more fruitful and less neurotic uses for astrology.

Astrology began as ancient navigators studied the night sky and charted their course for travel and trade. This was a more precarious adventure 5000 years ago. The night sky revealed the North Star, constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, plus approximately 50 "bright stars" which could reliably be seen in the heavens. The angular position of these constellations, the Sun and Moon, allowed a sailor or a caravan master to steer in the direction of his destination accurately. And the phases of the moon clued him in to the most auspicious time to begin the journey to insure safe return. The position of Saturn in the sky was also important.


Today we have many more safeguards to insure safe travel. But the quality of a trip, a vacation or a business trip can make a difference in the overall experience. Everyone has experienced the nightmare vacation or the short commute that turned into a major headache. With a little astro knowledge and attention to the moon you can easily maximize your experience.

Air travel is the area where most people get nervous. I have been tracking flights for clients for years and haven't had a disaster yet. I also review the charts for major crashes to learn what astrology reveals about safety, recovery, and the nature of the accident. Unfortunately, today the threat of terrorism in air travel exists and a chart shows clearly whether the crash was human evil or mechanical failure. In fact, there are statistically higher odds of dying from a bee sting than from a fatal airplane crash; however, no matter what statistics say we still worry so why not take assurance from the cosmic guide?


To determine the safety of any departure: air, train, car, or bus an astrologer draws up a chart for the day, year, place, and time of departure. The time is the most important piece of information. Most people are not going to learn to calculate charts so there is a simple rule of thumb that will get you where you are going. It is the position and phase of the moon. As I have mentioned before as the moon changes signs there is some time when Luna is not connected by an aspect to other planets. Of course, she is still in the sky but her "energy strength" is in transition. This is not a good time to embark on a journey. The moon is, void of course, and the beginning of the flight or train ride is not stable. Here we will see delays, a rocky flight, or unruly passengers.

You can find the void moon information by following me on twitter @stellastarguide or consulting Since air reservations are made so far in advance you can also give me a call (212-244-0297) or email. Many clients plan their itineraries according to astrological safety. It always works out well.

For an important event or trip it is best to consult an astrologer. The position of Saturn has a lot to do with a successful journey. This require calculating a chart and interpreting Saturn's position at the beginning of the journey. A bit more complicated than the Moon phase but certainly worth it.

With a little forethought travel plans can be pleasant and easy. We have to be flexible, of course, but with Astro Help you can feel confident that you will get where you are going.