6 Skincare Tips For When You Fly

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When preparing for a flight, skincare is probably not on your list of priorities. But you may want to give it some thought. The frigid air blasting from the plane's vents and the UVA rays coming through the windows can wreak havoc on your skin.

As PopSugar's Kirbie Johnson points out, you'll want to "load up on the moisturizer" to add a protective and hydrating layer to combat all the recycled air in-flight. Applying a serum the night before a flight is super helpful, and if you're daring, wear a facial sheet mask while flying. Skip the acne products because they'll only make your skin drier.

You should also keep a TSA-friendly bottle of sunscreen in your carry-on bag to guard against the sun. Once you've reached your destination, set aside enough time for exfoliating so that you remove any dead skin cells that might have accumulated. Slather on more moisturizer afterwards, and your good to go!

Watch the video above for all six skincare tips that will keep you looking fly at higher altitudes.

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