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Travel The World While Boosting Your Career

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It's happening guys! More and more programs are popping up that allow their participants to travel while actually getting an education. Learning a marketable skill no longer has to happen in a stuffy college classroom or in your basement, face glued to the laptop screen. With the growing "digital nomad" trend, (people working from their laptops and traveling around the world) there are new businesses like Remote Year and Hacker Paradise that are offering to take people to exotic destinations while teaching them fantastic skills.


The program fees for many of these are upwards of $15,000; technically, a tuition and travel fees packed into one. Just looking at the costs can be the ultimate bummer as most people who are interested are trying to learn skills and travel on a budget.


Fortunately, there is a new kid on the block,Codingnomads who found that coding skills changed their lives and careers and want to share this realization with others. This husband and wife duo hope to take students away from their normal routine and distractions while teaching them how to code quickly and comprehensively.

The People

They believe that skills in coding can help their students achieve economic mobility, more opportunities and geographic flexibility.

With their experience in software engineering and training for companies like Amazon, experience working with startups in business development and marketing and building actual products, they have a whole lot to give to their students. Plus, they spent time running professional tours to more than 30 countries, making them especially passionate about allowing their students to learn in intriguing locations.

The Program

Their first program will be held during March in Ubud, Bali and will take place at a co-working space in this tropical paradise. The co-working space features two pools, an on-site restaurant, free massages and coconut deliveries to help you out when you're hard at work.

While students can find their own housing throughout the program, they can also opt into the inclusive package which includes housing, scooter rental, breakfast, airport pickup and a pre-paid SIM card.
During the program, students will learn JAVA, SQL and AWS which will give them a solid foundation in software engineering so that they can apply to thousands of jobs worldwide once they finish. Ubud is only the start as there are plans for Thailand and Mexico boot camps in the works. All programs last for about 12 weeks and include both online and onsite components.

What to Expect

Courses will typically run on a Monday through Friday schedule that will accumulate to over 400 hours of instruction and more than 400 practical exercises. Upon completion of the program, some of abilities that you can look forward to are:
• Performing the tasks of a junior server-side software engineer
• Designing, coding and deploying Java applications from scratch
• Launching clusters of databases, distributed services and load balanced servers in minutes
• Reading, writing and querying data using SQL
• Integrating with remote APIs
• Creating mobile device applications


Whether or not you have any experience coding, this program can be one that changes your life. If you are into travel and looking for more opportunities to obtain location independence and financial freedom, here is your chance. Check it out.