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Travel Tipping: Don't Forget the Housekeeper

Holiday travel is right around the corner and I'm offering a few of my travel and hotel tipping suggestions.
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A Woman's Nation (AWN) and Maria Shriver, joined by Marriott International, just launched an initiative called The Envelope Please, which encourages hotel guests to tip housekeepers by placing designated envelopes in their hotel rooms. This endeavor is a way for hotel patrons to acknowledge the hard work of hotel attendants who are often overlooked when it comes to gratuity. Housekeepers are an integral part of the hotel staff and one of the most important when it comes to making your stay comfortable. To read more about this outreach, click here.

Holiday travel is right around the corner and I'm offering a few of my travel and hotel tipping suggestions:

Skycap at Airport: $1-$2 per bag.

Curbside Check-In: $5 for one bag, $2-$3 per bag for multiple bags. Minimum of $5.

Wheelchair Service: $3-$5.

Flight Attendant: Do not tip.

Taxi Driver: 15% of fare is average, 20% for assistance with heavy luggage.

Limo/town Car Driver: 15-20% of fare. Check to see if gratuity has been added to the bill.

Private/Independent Tour Guide: 15-20% of narrated tour fee.

Public Tour Guide: $1-$2 per person, per hour for a half day tour, or $3 per person for a day trip. Do not tip government or national park employees.

Airport/Rental Car Shuttle Driver: $1-$2 per person, depending on their assistance.

Bellman: $1-$2 per bag.

Hotel Doorman: $2-$5 for help with shopping bags and extra services.

Hotel Valet: $3-$5 when you retrieve your car. For special requests tip $5 in advance.

Concierge: For a quick question, no tip is required. Arranging a reservation for dinner, $5-$10. For sold out seats at a play or concert, $20 upwards.

Hotel Housekeeper: $3-$5 daily or $1 per person, per day for 5 guests or more per room.

Room Service: 15-20% if gratuity has not been added to the bill.

Restaurant Servers: 15% minimum, 20% upwards for exceptional service. Never skip a tip.

Buffet Servers: $1-$2 per diner.

Bartender: 15-20% of the bill when running a tab. $1-$2 per drink.

Coat Check: $1 per coat.

Restroom Attendant: Depending on the service provided, .50-$3.

Food Delivery: 10-15% of the bill, with a $3-$5 minimum for small orders.

Tip Jar: No obligation but a nice gesture, .50-$1.

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