Traveling With Your Tunes

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The best way we have found to avoid soulless airline playlists and irritating (but meant to be soothing) elevator music AND to block out the sounds that push our buttons is to travel with our own tunes and the gear to deliver them. Personal preference dictates whether you are an earbud or headphone person or choose to be plugged in or wireless, so we have found options to support all camps. We've also kept an eye out for a handful of items that keep your equipment accessible and organized. If your plans include heading out for a run each morning of your trip, psyching yourself up for an interview or presentation, or just swaying to the soundtrack of your life as you make your way to the boarding gate, make sure to bring along your most-loved songs and the trappings to keep them playing.

Audiofly AF78 Headphones
Audiofly AF78 headphones deliver sound that you wouldn’t think possible from earbuds. Dynamic drivers offer lush, well-defined sound, and the Audioflex braided cable will last for many miles.
Tylt Energi+ Power Backpack
This sleek little backpack has multiple pockets for all of your gear, plus its own rechargeable battery and internal cord channels. The ingenious design lets you charge multiple devices at once while keeping everything in its place, and the headphone slit means your phone is away as you make your way through the airport or around town.
SMS Audio On-Ear Wireless Sport Headphones
Play it fast and loose with wireless SMS Audio Sport Headphones. Sweat and water-resistant, Studio Mastered Sound, on-ear track control—and an optional cable in case in your busy, busy life you just can’t find the time to recharge!
Skyroam Hotspot
Stream your music without a data plan with the Skyroam pay-as-you-go global hotspot. Skyroam allows you to connect up to five devices for $10 per day, and it works in over 65 countries with no sim card changes, no roaming fees, and no contract.
No pockets? No worries! Let the DBelt carry your phone and other essentials whether you are rushing through the airport or heading out for your morning run.
InnoFlask Portable Speaker
Take the party along wherever you go with the InnoFlask Portable Speaker. This sunglass-case-sized Bluetooth speaker allows you to share your music with the whole room, and it offers intensity and quality of sound wherever you and your music may roam.
Scosche SportclipAIR Wireless Earbuds
Get caught up in the rhythm—not tangled up in cords—with the lightweight Bluetooth SportclipAIR earbuds from Scosche. Dynamic drivers deliver full-on acoustic sound, and integrated mic and remote mean you can talk and control your tracks hands-free.
Pelican ProGear Elite Luggage
If you are carting your vinyl--or your turntable--protect your prized record collection and equipment from impact, submersion, and careless luggage handlers with Pelican ProGear Elite Luggage. Double wall construction withstands loads to 1500 pounds, and recessed latches and watertight seal keep your bag’s contents safe and sound.
A Audio Legacy Headphones
If you like things flashy and loud A Audio Legacy Headphones are the choice for you. Leather, diamond-quilted stitching, and aluminum bezels are only the beginning: Three Stage Listening Technology offers customized sound with Bass Enhancer, Noise Cancellation, and Audio Modes.
Genius Pack High Altitude Flight Bag
The ideal carry-on bag for the traveler who likes everything at her fingertips, the Genius Pack High Altitude Flight Bagattaches to the tray table in front of you. It features labeled pockets for your phone, tablet, headphones, and integrated charger, so you can keep listening no matter how long the flight and know that everything is in its place.
Cordito Cord Wrap
From Flight 001, the soft leather Cordito Cord Wrap keeps your charger cords and earbuds tightly wrapped in a dapper roll-up pouch.