Traverse City Lip Dub Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Many of us wish life was more like a movie, but the residents of Traverse City, Mich., made that wish a reality at least for a day.

In an impressive city-wide team effort, the Traverse City Film Festival and FishSoup Films filmed an 8 minute lip dub to Paul Simon's "You can Call Me Al" and Van Halen's "Jump."

The video was filmed July 17th and was the city's way of showing other Michigan towns like Grand Rapids --who set the new world record for the largest lip dub with 5,000 participants -- just how creative they can be.

Something must be in the water in Michigan, as the state has produced a significant number of viral lip dubs including the Clark Retirement Community's cover of Michael Buble's cover of "Feeling Good," and the students at Michigan's Grand Valley State University cover of Styx "Come Sail Away."


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