Travis Barker's Kids Win Most Punk Rock Back-To-School Pic

You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore.

This is going to make for one badass #TBT some day. 

On Tuesday, former Miss USA Shanna Moakler went to Instagram to share a photo of her two ridiculously stylish children, Alabama, 9, and Landon, 11. With their vibrantly colored hair and their extremely on-point sneaker game, the brother-sister duo obviously got some of their fashion sense from their drummer dad, Travis Barker. Ugh, why couldn't our parents have dressed us like this?! 

Barker also recently shared a picture with his kids on a back-to-school shopping spree. Here's all three of them, looking effortlessly cooler than we've ever looked in our entire adult lives.

Sigh. Now excuse us while we attempt to calculate how much lunch money we would still have if we wore this instead of a pair of overalls on the first day of middle school. 

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