Travis Barker's Police Rant: Blink 182 Drummer Rips On LAPD For 'Stereotyping' (VIDEO)

VIDEO: Travis Barker Bashes LAPD

Travis Barker is NOT a fan of the Los Angeles Police Department.

TMZ caught the Blink 182 drummer, 37, bashing the LAPD on tape, saying, "I f--king hate the police."

Barker -- who has two kids, son Landon, 9, and daughter Alabama, almost 7 -- had a run-in with the police in October as he was picking up his daughter from school. His rep told TMZ the cops looked Barker up and down, saw his tattoos and "then accused him of having drugs and weapons in the car." He ultimately got out of the ticket, but claimed the police "profiled" him as a gang member.

Now, he's really expressing his true feelings about the authorities. In a rant to TMZ, Barker said:

I think they stereotype a lot. I f--king hate the police, to be honest. I think they're out of control. You see it on the news everyday, them killing like teens because they think they have something and they're in cuffs. Like I've seen all sorts of stories. Mine was really minor, but I think they over do it sometimes. I think they get ahead of themselves. If anything, I should have got it 20 years ago. That's when I deserved it, not when I'm going to pick my daughter up.

What do you think about Travis' feelings on the LAPD? Sound off below.

And watch the video of his rant above.

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