Furious Travis Kelce Gives Andy Reid An Earful After Wild Super Bowl Fumble

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end had a harsh message for his coach in a chaotic moment on the sidelines in the second quarter.

Travis Kelce snapped at Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid in a furious moment on the sidelines after he wasn’t on the field for a wild fumble by his teammate Isiah Pacheco during the Super Bowl.

Pacheco, who was on his way toward the end zone on a first and goal, was stripped of the ball by the San Francisco 49ers defense as his team trailed early in the second quarter.

Kelce wasn’t on the field for the play and he later gave Reid a piece of his mind.

You can check out the chaotic moment –– which includes Kelce screaming and bumping into Reid –– below.

Kelce, following the Chiefs’ 25-22 overtime win over the 49ers, kept the details about the exchange to himself.

“Ah, man it was ― Imma keep it between us unless my mic’d up tells the world, but I was just telling him how much I love him,” said Kelce on ESPN’s “NFL Primetime.”

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