Travis Kelce Reacts To ‘Brilliant’ Prank That Left Taylor Swift Traumatized

The NFL player said he totally “bought” the pop star’s devastated reaction to the well-executed gag.

Uh, we’re assuming poor Taylor Swift didn’t immediately shake this one off.

Comedian Andrew Santino was on Wednesday’s episode of Jason and Travis Kelce’s podcast “New Heights” when the comic was asked about a 2012 episode of MTV’s “Punk’d” in which Santino enlisted Justin Bieber to play a prank on Swift.

“Oh, I have seen this because I watched ‘Punk’d,’” an excited Kelce responded when the topic involving his girlfriend was mentioned.

In the episode (which you can watch below), Bieber invites Swift to his new recording studio built into a swanky Malibu home that overlooks the ocean. Before the two start recording, a friend of Bieber’s suggests lighting some fireworks off the home’s outdoor deck into the ocean. As Bieber and his friend set off fireworks, Swift looks apprehensive, and doesn’t really want to participate. But the two coax her into launching one. Immediately after she sets off her explosive, a nearby boat in the ocean sets on fire.

“There was a wedding party [on board],” Santino recalled to Kelce. “I was [playing] the groom, and we were dinghy-ed to shore with our boat on fire, and we blamed [Swift] for ruining our wedding.”

“This is so good,” Kelce said of the practical joke with a huge smile on his face. He continued to giggle through Santino’s retelling of the entire joke.

In the 2012 “Punk’d” episode, Swift appears to totally buy into the gag, looking distraught about the situation and suggesting they call the Coast Guard for help. When it’s finally revealed to her that the whole fiasco was just a prank, she looks sincerely upset at Bieber for putting her through the ordeal and shoves him.

“I just got punked,” Swift says after the bit is over while standing next to Bieber. “And it was incredibly traumatic and brilliant and this one is the guy who did it to me.”

“I had to,” Bieber says in response.

After Santino reminisced about the 2012 prank he wrote and acted in, both he and Kelce wondered if Swift really believed she set a boat aflame and ruined a couple’s wedding.

“I’ll see if she was trying to sell it or not,” the NFL player told Santino. “When I saw it, I bought it.”

The “Look What You Made Me Do” singer has maintained that she very much bought into the fake scenario.

Swift told CMT Insider via MTV in 2012 that she was “absolutely traumatized and terrified” by the experience. She also said she likely would not prank Bieber back as an act of revenge, saying she’s not “really that girl.”

“He’s too smart. I’d never be able to punk him,” Swift told the outlet at the time. “Like, he’d figure it out, then turn the tables on me, and then it would be Justin 2, Taylor 0.”

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