Jason Kelce Says Travis Had To Move Because Of Safety Reasons After Dating Taylor Swift

The Eagles star center explained that his brother dating Swift is a "whole different level" of fame.

Jason Kelce revealed in a new interview that his brother, Travis Kelce, had to move houses after he started dating Taylor Swift for “safety reasons.”

On an episode of “The Big Podcast with Shaq” released Monday, Jason Kelce told Shaquille O’Neal how Travis Kelce had to move to a new home after people were “staying by” his old house.

In October, it was reported that he had bought a new house in Kansas City, Missouri, for more privacy after people were staking out the place, according to TMZ.

The Philadelphia Eagles center then shared that some people have already found out where the Kansas City Chiefs tight end lives now.

“And the first day he moved into the new house, a gated community, somebody knocks on the back window of the house,” Jason Kelce said.

He went on to say that he and his brother have “always been big in the football world,” but Swift’s world is on a “whole different level.”

“It’s a new demographic that wasn’t there before,” Jason Kelce said.

In the interview, he also discussed what he’s learned from the newfound fame that has come with Travis Kelce dating Swift.

“It’s crazy what it opens up opportunity-wise,” he said. “It’s crazy to feel how much joy you bring people or how much you affect people’s daily lives.”

Travis Kelce’s stardom has only grown since he began dating Swift last year. The athlete’s jersey sales spiked 400% after the pop star attended a game in September, according to The Associated Press, while brands and companies like Heinz and Dick’s Sporting Goods have cashed in on Kelce and Swift’s relationship.

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