Trayvon Martin Case: State Attorney To Convene Grand Jury To Investigate Shooting

The state attorney in Seminole County, Fla., said that a grand jury will be convened to investigate the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed 17-year-old whose killing at the hands of a neighborhood watch captain in an Orlando suburb has become national news.

"I share in the desire of the family and the community to accurately collect and evaluate all the facts surrounding the tragic death of Trayvon Martin," Norm Wolfinger, the local state prosecutor, said in a statement. "The public is entitled to no less than a thorough, deliberate, and just review of the facts. We intend to honor that commitment."

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch member who admitted to shooting Martin, has not been arrested or charged in the case. The police department in Sanford, Fl. have come under scrutiny for not bringing charges against Zimmerman. Last week, local prosecutors turned the case over to the state attorney.

Wolfinger said the grand jury would be called into session on April 10.

The lawyers for Martin's family, however, said that the move is a way for the Sanford's local police and prosecutors to pass the buck.

The news comes just hours after the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI said they would look into the "facts and circumstances" surrounding Martin's shooting.