Trayvon Martin Mural: Miami Artist Huong Unveils Work At Florida Capitol (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Miami Artist Unveils Mural At Capitol Protest

A bald man resembling George Zimmerman pulls the trigger on a hooded figure as Martin Luther King's head explodes with blood in the background. Instead of the face of Trayvon Martin, the hooded face is a mirror, transforming each onlooker into the shooting victim of the scene.

The work is 'We Are All Trayvon Martin,' a 50-feet-long, 8-feet-high mural unveiled by Miami artist Huong at the Florida capitol on Friday.

trayvon martin mural

Huong, a Vietnam War refugee and peace activist, wanted to show solidarity with the Dream Defenders, who are in the midst of a month-long sit-in outside of Gov. Rick Scott's office to advocate against the state's Stand Your Ground law.

“The sorrow from [Trayvon Martin’s death] seemed to endlessly carry on, and African-American parents everywhere hugged their sons just that much tighter,” Huong said in a release.

"We decided not to stay quiet and make sure that we would be the voice Trayvon Martin was not allowed to keep. That is why we created this work, to ensure that everyone knows of the horrors that are still evident in our society and to educate the public on the monstrosity that is racism."

Huong hopes to take the mural on the road, eventually to Washington D.C.

At the first floor rotunda on Friday, Huong invited the public to write their own messages on the mural.

She also specifically invited Scott to sign the piece, which has portraits of Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Malcolm X.

"We all are Trayvon Martin," Huong said. "It is a new day, our country has suffered an ugly past, but we have the opportunity to make it a very beautiful future."

trayvon martin mural

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