Trayvon Martin Shooting: George Zimmerman Kicked Out Of Seminole State College

Seminole State College will expel Trayvon Martin's avowed shooter, George Zimmerman, due to what they term the "high-profile controversy" surrounding his role in the 17-year-old's death.

Zimmerman has been an on-and-off student at the college since 2003. As of 2009, he was working towards an Associate in Arts degree.

The school released a statement on their decision:

"Due to the highly charged and high-profile controversy involving this student, Seminole State has taken the unusual but necessary step this week to withdraw Mr. Zimmerman from enrollment. This decision is based solely on our responsibility to provide for the safety of our students on campus as well as for Mr. Zimmerman."

On February 26, Zimmerman, a volunteer neighborhood watchman, spotted Martin as he was walking home from 711 carrying skittles and some iced tea and talking to his girlfriend. Zimmerman called 911 and told the dispatcher he was following someone "suspicious." Despite being told by the 911 dispatcher not to follow Martin, Zimmerman pursued him. The two briefly struggled, and Zimmerman shot Martin in the chest and killed him.

Zimmerman told the police he shot the teenager in self-defense. He has yet to be charged.

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