Treat Yo' Self To Aziz Ansari's Absurd Music Video For Kanye West's 'Famous'

Wake up Mr. West!

Apparently, making viral music videos on vacation is the new celebrity trend, and the only thing that could have made this one better is an appearance from Taylor Swift herself. 

Aziz Ansari and his "Master of None" co-star, Eric Wareheim, have been eat-pray-loving their way across Italy on a vacation of epic (pro)portions. No, seriously, all they did was eat. But between meals, the two took the time to produce a hilarious music video for the Kanye West song "Famous."

Yeah, the one where he "made that bitch famous."

Ansari, an out and proud Kanye West fan, and Wareheim showcase their best dance moves, impressive appetites and video editing skills in a music-video love letter to the finest things Italy has to offer. 

Nicknamed Lil Bud and Big Bud, Ansari and Wareheim have been posting some droolworthy photos of their travels together as they prepare to shoot the second season of the hit Netflix series. 

FINAL BIG BUD LIL BUD MEAL IN ROME. 😮 @katieparla via @ericwareheim

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Here we go! First stop.... PIZZA. 📸: @katieparla #bigbudlilbud via @ericwareheim

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