Treating Those in Pain Without Narcotics

More often, pain treatment with the use of drugs can lead to unintended consequences as seen by the number of veterans who become addicted.
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Dr. David Levine is a chiropractor, who specializes in the treatment of chronic and severe pain. In addition to his successful practice he also donates his time and expertise to those less fortunate. He has a special interest in United States military personnel suffering with acute and chronic pain, as well as servicemen and women who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with post-war injuries.

Dr. Levine is also a member and participating doctor of the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors who just partnered with Army One Source. Together, they have developed a program called Healing Hands for Heroes, which is made up of chiropractors who donate their time to veterans with postwar injuries. Pain can interfere with quality of life and activities of daily living. More often, pain treatment with the use of drugs can lead to unintended consequences as seen by the number of veterans who become addicted.

As Kelly Doyle -- a patient, former Army Captain and West Point graduate -- said in an email to Dr. Levine,

I share in the desire to help service members in pain since I lived with the 800mg ibuprofen solution during my service and know that many suffer far more than I ever did because of their combat injuries. Additionally, a family member passed away a few years ago from an accidental overdose of narcotic pain medication. I would love to help promote a treatment methodology that eliminates the need for the devastating byproducts of narcotics.

I met Dr. Levine and became aware of his practice through one of his patients, Terrance Stevens. Terrance is the founder and CEO of In Arms Reach, an organization that provides services for children of incarcerated parents. New York Giant football legend Carl Banks is currently the chairman of their board. Terrance is wheel chair bound and had suffered from complications due to muscular dystrophy. He told me that his chronic severe pain was remarkably alleviated by Levine who had donated his time to him. At a recent Thanksgiving service to raise money for Steven's organization Dr. Levine treated a dozen individuals at no cost. Levine says his love of using his skills to heal those less fortunate came from his father who passed away from cancer. It was then that Levine developed as an adjunct to his chiropractic treatment, this fast acting, non-drug, non-invasive technique that treats head to toe pain.

Several years ago Dr. David Levine's father was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. His father was in severe pain and discomfort despite being prescribed narcotics that turned out to be minimally effective. In response to seeing his father suffer, Levine -- a chiropractor -- (as was his father) sought desperately to help relieve his father's pain. Through his love for his father he developed a pain management technique that helped his father cope. Ultimately, due to the aggressive nature of the cancer, his father passed away.

However the silver lining to this otherwise sad story -- a final legacy, so to speak -- is that the pain management technique he has developed is now helping patients with acute, chronic and even treatment resistant pain. In addition to his practice he has consulted and treated numerous NFL and NBA players around the country, including former NBA players Rick Barry, Geoff Huston, and the NFL's Lance Mehl, and many others. Their testimonials, including others, can be found on the practices website. As word-of-mouth has grown and results continue to be noteworthy, the general public and sports community are beginning to take notice of Levine's practice. With a success rate of over 90 percent, the practice is becoming a "go-to" facility for more and more individuals suffering with pain.

In a NASCAR article written by Rebecca Gladden she says that "Dr. Levine, a New York-area chiropractic physician, has developed what is (by all accounts) a unique and remarkably effective pain management technique that he believes could be a game-changer for professional athletes, including NASCAR drivers and team members."

In that article Dr. Levine says "The feedback I have received from some former pro athletes is that this treatment may be somewhat unique in the country, "If that is remotely accurate, it could be advantageous to NASCAR drivers who would like to avail themselves of a potentially revolutionary treatment. The treatment can not only help to reduce pain and discomfort, increase agility and range of motion, but ultimately may lead to an improvement in a driver's overall performance." In a sport where competitors routinely 'play through pain' and races are won by thousandths of a second, Dr. Levine's healing touch could make a world of difference.

Dr. Levine pointed out to me that "with any approach to healing, results are contingent on the condition being treated, its severity, and duration. That being said, the vast majority of his patients report an overall reduction in pain, improvement in function, and an enhanced quality of life.

Whether it's the world of sports, treating veterans or those less fortunate, Dr. David Levine is using his special skills and talents to make the world a better place for those suffering from pain.

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