Tree Kangaroo Joeys Play In Their Caretaker's House, Climb Furniture And Even Eat Spaghetti

Anneli and Kimberley are two very adorable tree kangaroo joeys who were watched by wildlife caretaker Margit Cianelli in North Queensland, Australia. The two joeys were found abandoned in the wild, but Cianelli helped them assimilate back into the wild, by teaching them everything from climbing to exploring to learning what foods are safe to eat. They even got to enjoy the occasional spaghetti snack!

"Preparing tree kangaroo joeys for the wild is a very long process, however [Cianelli] is committed to giving these two joeys the best chance possible of survival," notes the video description.

Cianelli is very experienced, and has helped prepare young 'roos for the wild before. The rainforest is literally right in her backyard, and she often gets visits from those kangaroos who she has helped.

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