We're Stumped Why Anyone Would Arrest This Man Dressed As A Tree

We're pining to wear this for a Halloween costume.

Won’t someone leaf this guy alone?

Police in Portland, Maine, arrested a man on Monday for blocking traffic ― while dressed as a tree.

Asher Woodworth was charged with obstructing a public way after he was spotted standing in the middle of an intersection covered in tree limbs, according to WMPW.

Witnesses said the 30-year-old Woodworth slowly crossed the streets and blocked traffic before police stopped him.

Officers warned Woodworth to stay out of the intersection while lifting branches off his face to get a better look at the tree-shaded suspect.

When Woodworth refused to speak, one of the officers told him, “I’ll accept your silence as you understand,” according to the Portland Press Herald.

The officers told him he was free to go as long as he stayed out of the roads, but Woodworth allegedly wandered back into traffic after they walked away.

That’s when he was arrested.

Woodworth’s alleged motive may have you stumped.

Police said he told them he wanted “see how people would react to his performance” and how it would “impact people’s natural choreography,” according to WTHR.com.

Woodworth was taken to the Cumberland County Jail where he posed for this mugshot sans tree branches.

Cumberland County Jail

A guy dressed as a tree blocking traffic sounds weird, but Assistant Police Chief Vern Malloch seems almost used to it, based on comments he made to PressHerald.com.

“It happens from time to time. People do bizarre things because they want to get arrested,” he said. “We’re still not sure if he was trying to make a statement.”

Woodworth was released from jail Monday evening after posting $60 bail.

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