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Tree Trimming Gone Wrong As Falling Branch Knocks Man Off Ladder (VIDEO)


Here's how you DON'T trim a tree.

A guy nicknamed "Q-Ball" was taped cutting a branch and you can kinda tell from the beginning that something's about to go wrong. He's reaching up from the very top of a ladder and leaning over to cut a branch that's barely within his reach.

The branch falls, but apparently decides that it's not going down alone.

"My coworker cuts down a tree and the tree is not very happy about it," Kurt Stepp, who posted the video to YouTube, wrote in the description.

As the branch gives Q-Ball a quick lesson in gravity, a voice can be heard shouting a profanity and then asking the immortal question: "911 or not?"

We don't know if anyone called 911. But we do know what happened to the guy.

(h/t Sploid)

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