13 Trees That Seriously Need To Get Their Act Together

Save your hate mail, because you're just giving trees a harder time than they already have.

Trees are beautiful things. But despite the fact that they are a major part of the life-sustaining ecosystems of Earth, they really suck at life.

Here are a bunch of trees that just fail at the day-to-day doings that we humans take for granted:

Come on, tree, you said you'd keep trespassers off our property.

That means you too.

You said you'd display my art in a place where everyone could see it.

Fact: trees suck at warning people about explosives.

Now you're literally melting on us.

You know, our tax dollars will have to pay to repair that.

You said you were having those photo developed!

So, borrowing my bike for "a few days" turned into "a few years."

Don't even bother changing the tire now, we don't even own that car anymore.

No, it's fine, we'll just sit on the ground.

We'll just eat on the ground, too. Thanks.

Hope I'm not inconveniencing you by mailing this letter.

Thanks for parking my car. Oh, it's cool, I'll walk.

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