'Treme' Season 3 Trailer: Wendell Pierce, Melissa Leo Return To HBO Series (VIDEO)

The saxophones will be sounding on HBO this fall, and there's a trailer to prove it.

In the new teaser for Season 3 of "Treme" (returning on Sun., Sept. 23 on HBO), Wendell Pierce, Melissa Leo and the rest of the stars resume their stations in a Katrina-torn New Orleans.

Full of music and some controversy, by the end of the teaser, it's clear: "This town. You can't make it up!"

Starring Pierce ("The Wire"), Leo and Khandi Alexander, "Treme" features a post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. Originally set to air this Spring, the third season was instead given a fall release date.

So what's to come in Season 3

"It's getting more into dealing with the crime of the city," the show's producer Anthony Hemingway told Moviefone. "It's really showing that when no one cares, you have to step up and do it on your own. That's kind of its thematic thing, where you see all the characters end up having to really step up and make it happen on their own. The government, the city, everything turns its back on you and has no help for you. It's parallel with what's going on in the world today, with Occupy Wall Street and being in the 99 precent. It's along the lines of where we are right now actually."

Season 3 of "Treme" premieres on Sunday, September 23 on HBO.

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