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Got stress? Meet adaptogens.

The hottest new health & wellness trend.

I’ve seen adaptogens showing up in tons of different products like cold-brews, dark chocolate bars, coconut butters & beauty elixirs. And there are plenty of Instagrammers posting “adaptogen-recipes” like lattes, smoothies, and desserts.

I personally have been wanting to know if they are really worth all the hype, so I used this WOW as an excuse to dive in deeper into the trend…

Adaptogens 101

What are they: Special types of plants & mushrooms that regulate & balance the body’s response to stress.

Where do you get them: Adaptogen plants & mushrooms are sold as pills, liquid, powders, and teas.

Who cares: Chronic stress elevates cortisol levels & other harmful stress compounds which can sabotage performance, disrupt focus, increase anxiety, decrease immunity and zap energy. Adaptogens work to regulate & balance stress to help overall well-being.

Are you stressed: Yup. Everything in our world causes some type of physical and/or emotional stress such as hectic schedules, not enough sleep, or digital overload from computers & phones.

Examples: There are many different adaptogens, but I included a round-up of just 3 popular ones below…


This medicinal mushroom has been used by athletes for its performance-enhancing benefits. A study found when people used it regularly for 3 weeks, it helped them exercise longer.

Get your fix: Four Sigmatic Elixir. Add a packet to hot water and drink like coffee or pour over ice for a pre-workout drink.


A study found this herbal root lowered cortisol levels, a stress hormone that’s associated with weight gain, poor sleep, and mood swings.

Get your fix: Moon Juice Powder. Add to energy bites and stash in office drawer for a stress-relieving snack.


Research found this “golden root” herb decreased cortisol response, boosted energy & mood, and increased focus for people suffering w/ chronic fatigue.

Get your fix: Sun Potion PRASH. This caramel-like paste has rhodiola and other adaptogens in it, take a spoonful when a sweet craving hits or feeling stressed.


It’s not just hype! Research suggests some adaptogens really may help us better respond to stress…which then can improve performance, focus, mood, immunity, and energy. Remember, there are many ways to keep stress in check from exercise to meditation, but adaptogens may be another tool you want to add to the mix.

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