The Most On-Trend Beauty Products To Get From Target

From slugging to eyeliner for your lips, we have the details on how to recreate the top beauty and skin care trends at home.

It seems like new trends pop up almost daily, whether it’s celebrities sharing their new looks on Instagram or influencers showing the latest techniques they’ve learned on TikTok. With our ability to stay so connected these days, trends emerge in beauty and skin care faster than ever. It can be hard to keep up, but it’s also hard to afford to keep up.

So we’ve done the work for you and browsed through all the social media sites to see what’s trending and how you can recreate these looks with products from your local Target.

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Slather it on with slugging
Slugging, while it may sound unpleasant, is a way to make your skin plump and softer than ever before. With this trend, you’ll put on a base moisturizer, like your nightly face lotion, then slather on a layer of Cerave healing ointment before bed. You’ll leave this on overnight, which can be messy if you’re a side sleeper, but it’s definitely worth it as it seals in all the moisturizer. Once you wake up, just wash your face and you’ll be amazed at how smooth and buttery-soft your skin is.
Eyebrow pencil: Your new favorite lipstick
I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it, but your eyebrow pencil can work as lipstick and look good. Simply moisturize your lips with your product of choice, then line your lips with your brow pencil and then rub your lips together. Next, you may want to top with a gloss or lip balm to smooth the look out. Voila! You (hopefully) have fabulous lips. If you aren’t too sure about using eyebrow pencil, you can also use lip liner the same way. No brow pencil? We suggest e.l.f. Instant Lift Eyebrow Pencil retailing at only $3!
Uncover more youthful skin with vitamin E
If you want baby-soft skin, @theskincarelab on TikTok recommends combining vitamin E capsules into your moisturizer. While her flawless skin backs this up, science backs this up too. Vitamin E has been found to help reduce skin inflammation from UV damage and reduce redness. We suggest No7 Advanced Ingredients Vitamin C & Vitamin E Facial Capsules, which also have the brightening powers of vitamin C.
Improve your eyeliner skills with dental floss picks
Who else dreams of perfect winged eyeliner and then it looks completely different on each eye? Thank goodness TikTok has found the answer: dental floss. Just take your liquid eyeliner and swipe it onto the floss part of the pick, line it up with your eye, and press down. Results vary on TikTok, but for some, this creates a shape to build from on each eye.
Add grape seed oil into your routine
Megan Fox swears by grape seed oil for her soft skin. Social media users have recently found out about this routine and wholeheartedly agree. It has all kinds of beneficial ingredients, and even though it's an oil, it works for oily skin and won’t clog your pores. Use it on its own or try APTO Orange Blossom Cleanser with Grape Seed Oil to moisturize your skin while you wash it.
Get skin that glows
One trend that’s been around and only continues to grow in popularity is the minimal makeup look highlighting your natural, glowing skin. But do any of us truly have naturally glowing skin? To get that glow, one product makeup influencers recommend is True Match Lumi Glotion natural glow enhancer by L'Oréal Paris. This tinted lotion comes in three shades and can be worn on its own or with makeup.
A glossy lip with lasting power
Lip gloss is making a big comeback. Besides the stickiness, one of the biggest complaints about lip gloss is the constant need for reapplication. NYX Cosmetics Shine Loud Liquid Lipstick has made a lasting gloss and the internet is loving it. Their formula is designed to last for up to 16 hours! Put it to the test.
Salon nails without the trip
Press-on nails are back in! Nowadays they stay on longer and are less damaging to your nails. And with the help of this TikTok video, you can apply them so well that no one will know the difference! All you have to do is push back your cuticle and press the fake nail down at an angle into the cuticle bed. If you want to try fake nails, consider starting with a shorter one like these imPRESS Color Press-On Fake Nails, as the shorter ones tend to stay on longer.
Get voluminous, bouncy curls
Long, bouncy curls with lots of volume are back in. This look can be easily achieved with hot rollers. While it seems like a blast from the past, hot rollers are making a big comeback. To get the volume and body that’s hard to achieve with your standard curling iron, try Remington Shine Therapy Hot Rollers that come with clips that won’t leave creases in your hair.
Milani Cosmetics
The better version of lip gloss
As mentioned earlier, the lip gloss look is back in. Rather than the old sticky glosses celebrities, like Kylie Jenner, and influencers alike are using lip oils. Lip oils nourish your lips rather than dry them out like traditional glosses. Milani Fruit Fetish Lip Oils, provide hydration from fruit extract and vitamin E. So while you’ll obtain that glossy look with lip oils, you’ll actually be making your lips soft and supple.
What’s going on with brows?
Some celebrities, such as Bella Hadid, have been seen with the thin eyebrows that were popular in the early 2000s. Thankfully, that’s not everyone. The bigger trend in brows is that they’re nicely maintained and perfectly in their place. That’s where 24hr Brow Setter Clear Eyebrow Gel comes in. This gel will control those pesky brow hairs and keep them in place for up to 24 hours!
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