Trent Archie, Convicted Murderer, Escapes From Texas Jail (VIDEO)

WATCH: Convicted Killer Escapes Texas Jail

Two inmates attacked four corrections officers in Huntsville, Texas on June 28 allowing 29-year-old convicted murderer Trent Archie and fellow inmate Davis McLeskey, 23, to escape, reports KTLA.

The entire ordeal was caught on tape and has been released to the public. Archie and McLeskey had asked Walker County Jail officers if they could use the phones near the jail's booking office and pretended to stay on the phone for about 22 minutes. When officers went to open the door and check on another inmate, the two men attacked the officers and escaped.

The staff was trying to be compassionate, officials told ABC News, when they decided to let the two inmates use the phones in the early morning so that Archie could reach his mother before she left home to deliver newspapers.

McLeskey didn't make it far and quickly ended up in hand cuffs, but Archie escaped by jumping over a gate. His vacation from prison was cut short when police found and arrested him in a southwest Houston home on July 1.

Escapes have happened before at Walker County Jail, says ABC News. Officials told them that the jail is 30-years-old and needs a better layout. "Jail is out of sight, out of mind until there's a big problem," said a prison administrator.

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