Trent Arsenault, Sperm Donor, Caught In Online Pornography

Like Splenda and Tiger Woods, some things are just too good to be true. And on Wednesday, Gawker reported that such may be the case with the Bay Area's favorite private sperm donor, Trent Arsenault.

Arsenault gained national attention when he was served with a cease order from the FDA for his private sperm donations for families who cannot reproduce. The Huffington Post reported about Arsenault's project, commenting about his extremely healthy lifestyle and charitable goals. But Gawker reported Wednesday that Arsenault also moonlights as an online pornographer.

On his extremely NSFW site, Arsenault -- er, "TrentDog" -- has posted more than 100 videos of himself masturbating, sometimes using unusual aids including a water polo ball and frozen packs of organic blueberries.

Arsenault defended his site to Gawker, calling himself a "donorsexual."

"100 percent of my sexual energy is devoted to being a sperm donor," he said to Gawker. "Having those videos helps my sex drive [...] which is critical to being a guy with a 200 sperm count able to help three childless couples in one month get pregnant."

Arsenault also told Gawker that, while he doesn't take efforts to hide his extracurricular activities, he doesn't openly reveal them to his donors either.

Is Gawker's discovery enough to discredit his noble (?) cause? Arsenault's Bay Area home has never been known for chastising unusual sexual practices, but we can't help but imagine that his sperm recipients might value that tidbit of information. Let us know what you think in the comments section.