Trevor Moore Shows Why Being 'High In Church' Is The Worst Thing Ever

Trevor Moore shuts down Satan's drug moralizing in a hilarious new rap video about getting high before Midnight Mass.

In a short from the comedian's new one-hour special, "Trevor Moore: High In Church," which premieres on Comedy Central Friday, Moore stars as a hapless man-child whose stoner friends goad him into smoking too much weed. And taking shrooms. And perhaps a little cocaine, too. They're interrupted by Moore's mother, who drags the group to a midnight Christmas service as the drugs start to kick in.

"I'm high in church/Oh God, please help me/This is the worst," Moore raps in front of a dramatically lit cross, before calming himself down -- temporarily -- by reading the Bible. But when the pastor asks newcomers to stand up, all hell breaks loose, literally. A campy Satan appears to Moore and crows: "I exist within subconsciousness down in your mind/But you did drugs and went to church/so now your soul is mine."

Luckily, Moore pulls himself together to rebut the Devil: "A joint and a couple of caps and stems/is that all that a soul is worth? God made everything I've done, and all of it's from the Earth."

Moore addressed marijuana legalization during his time as a founding member of the comedy troupe Whitest Kids U' Know. In 2011, the group released a film called "The Civil War On Drugs," which followed two friends trying to convince Abraham Lincoln to legalize weed.

We can't wait to see what he takes on next.



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