Trevor Noah: 2016 Is ‘The First Year That Just Refused To Stop’

"But we’re still in the same year, let’s be honest."

We’re nearly three months into 2017, but Trevor Noah says the “shitty” year of 2016 “just never ended.”

In an interview with Mashable to promote his new Netflix comedy special “Afraid Of The Dark,” the “Daily Show” host jokingly dubbed the year that saw Donald Trump voted into the White House as “the first year that just refused to stop.”

“We’re calling it 2017 because we use calendars,” said Noah. “But we’re still in the same year, let’s be honest.”

He also revealed who his dream guest would be, and commented on how the news cycle under Trump’s administration had affected the production of his show.

Read the full interview via Mashable here and check out the trailer for his Netflix stand-up show below:

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