Trevor Noah Reveals How Stephen Colbert Inspired His Run At 'The Daily Show'

The comedian told Colbert he feels like he doesn’t “need to know” all the news since his exit at "The Daily Show."

Former “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah revealed Wednesday that his “hoodie days” have just begun as he reflected on the words that inspired him during his time at the Comedy Central show. (Watch below.)

Noah, who left his hosting gig at “The Daily Show” after seven years, noted during his exit announcement last year that he missed being on the road and performing stand-up comedy.

The comedian told Stephen Colbert that he continues to follow the news. But since leaving the Emmy-winning program, he said he feels like he doesn’t “need to know” what’s going on.

“Before: Wake up. Watch the news. Go to sleep,” Noah said.

“I remember there was one Met Gala after-party I was at,” he recalled. “It’s amazing, everyone’s having a good time. There’s people dancing. There’s Rihanna, there’s Harry Styles. And I’m in the corner like ’Is the filibuster tomorrow? What’s happening tomorrow? I got to remember.”

Noah later revealed that something Colbert once said “inspired” his entire run at “The Daily Show.”

“You said that people mistake the joy that you express on the show as you having the joy of doing the show on television,” Noah said of Colbert, a former “Daily Show” correspondent. “But actually, what this is, is a manifestation of the joy that you experienced creating the show with the people you create it with.”

Comedy Central has yet to name Noah’s successor.

“The Daily Show” in the coming weeks is featuring guest hosts. “SNL” alum Leslie Jones is hosting this week. Future guest hosts include Wanda Sykes, D.L. Hughley, Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman.

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