Trevor Noah On Trump: So Many International Conflicts, So Little Time

"Daily Show" host tries to parse where America will dive in: Iran, Venezuela or China?

When you’re at war with the world, it’s difficult to know where to focus your resources, Trevor Noah noted Monday on “The Daily Show.” That’s why it’s difficult to determine where “America’s Next Top Battle” will be, he concedes in the opening segment of his show.

“Elderly Mario Brother” and national security adviser John Bolton might choose to draw sabers in Iran, since he has been spoiling for a fight there for over a decade, quipped Noah. Or the U.S. could “meddle” in Venezuela — so that other nations can’t meddle.

Then there’s China. Donald Trump is threatening to raise tariffs on the country, which will boomerang on American consumers, who’ll have to pick up the extra cost.

So hard to choose.

“With Donald Trump in charge, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all three,” concludes Noah.

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