Trevor Noah Nails How Bad The Brett Kavanaugh Bar Fight Must Have Been

"The Daily Show" host took a swing at the Supreme Court nominee's alleged involvement in a 1985 melee.

As details emerged of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s reported role in a 1985 bar fight, Trevor Noah analyzed the potential severity of the brawl on Tuesday’s “The Daily Show.” 

A Yale classmate said in a statement that Kavanaugh threw beer in a man’s face, touching off a “melee” that got the police involved, The New York Times reported this week. (Kavanaugh was among five men questioned by cops, but was not charged.)

“Do you know how bad a fight has to be for the police to get called on a white guy? At an Ivy League school in the ’80s!” Noah said on “The Daily Show.” “That was like rich white male heyday.”

Noah later improvised how Kavanaugh might interrupt fisticuffs by marking it in his calendar.

Watch the supremely funny takedown above.