Trevor Noah Cooks Up Way To Make 'Justice QAnon' Care A Little More About People

"At some point, you're not even a judge anymore. You're just cock-block in a fancy robe," "The Daily Show" host said of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Trevor Noah has jokingly hatched a plan that might make Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a little more empathetic.

Thomas was among the five conservative justices to overturn Roe v. Wade last week, ending constitutional protections for abortions. In a concurring opinion, the 74-year-old suggested cases that legalized gay sex, same-sex marriage and birth control should also be reconsidered.

Thomas, who is Black, is married to Ginni Thomas, a white woman who supported former President Donald Trump’s coup attempt and cited QAnon conspiracy theories in private text messages to Trump’s allies ahead of the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.

Referring to Thomas as “Justice QAnon” on “The Daily Show” Monday, Noah said: “At some point, you’re not even a judge anymore. You’re just cock-block in a fancy robe. That’s all you are.”

“By the way, the one ruling Clarence Thomas doesn’t want to overturn and all the others that he mentioned is the right to interracial marriage. Yeah. Which is a coincidence because he happens to be in an interracial marriage,” Noah noted.

“Yeah, I guess apparently if something affects Clarence Thomas personally he’s okay with it. Makes me think if we could just somehow get him impregnated by like, a gay man, all of our problems would be solved.”

Watch Noah’s roast below on “The Daily Show”:

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