Trevor Noah Mocks The Most Bananas Conspiracy Theories About Coronavirus

"The Daily Show" host had a couple of favorites but annoyingly, logic got in his way.

Trevor Noah took a deep dive on Thursday into the most bonkers coronavirus theories floating around.

“The Daily Show” host shared a few of his favorites:

• The virus jumped from a bat to a human.

• Coronavirus is caused by 5G cellphone towers.

• It’s a bioweapon created to take down old people.

“As soon as people started saying ‘OK, boomer,’ all of a sudden we’ve got coronavirus and old people are dying. That can’t be a coincidence,” Noah said sarcastically.

“Maybe it’s because someone was tired of giving up his seat on the bus. Maybe restaurant owners were tired of having to open for dinner at 3 p.m. Maybe young people were just tired of getting their ass whooped at bingo. The point is, the motive is there,” he added.

As much as it “totally makes sense,” Noah joked, he was forced to let it go because a team of scientists had to prove that coronavirus could not have been artificially engineered.

Here’s why all the other theories don’t quite work either:

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