Trevor Noah Of 'The Daily Show' Reveals The Universe's Great Equalizer

The "Daily Show" host stayed suspiciously calm while eating hot wings on "Hot Ones."

“Daily Show” host Trevor Noah stopped by the show “Hot Ones” and cooly answered questions while eating increasingly spicy wings.

Staying ridiculously chill throughout, Noah didn’t appear to guzzle any milk or water. He did, however, conclude the segment with some profound words.

“As human beings, we spend so much time pretending,” he reflected. “You’re taught to act from the time you’re a young child. Your parents teach you a certain thing ― your teachers, your friends, everybody ― and you develop this persona about who you are, and that persona lives with you, it changes as you grow and it augments as we grow.”

There’s only one time we’re honest, Noah continued: when we’re taking a dump.

“You are honest, you are humble. Nobody shits cool — from me, all the way to the queen. It reminds you that we’re all the same.”

That’s some hot shit.

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