Trevor Noah On Trump: Just What Every American Wants — A King

“If you have time to live tweet Jesse Watters, you have time to testify.”

What a difference an election makes. President Donald Trump vowed during his campaign that “no one will be above the law in a Trump administration,” a comment shown in a clip played Monday by Trevor Noah on “The Daily Show.”

Now Trump is insisting he can’t be charged with a crime in office, and if he is, the president can pardon himself. Besides, said his lawyer Rudy Giuliani, no one can “interfere” with Trump because “he’s not just sitting up there playing tiddlywinks; he’s involved in four or five unbelievably historic negotiations.”

“I’m sorry, wait, what? Trump is too busy to testify?” Noah said. “Get the fuck out of here, man.” Other than Trump’s endless days playing golf, “if you have time to live tweet [Fox News’] Jesse Watters, you have time to testify.”

But Trump’s attitude makes sense, Noah said: “We all remember when the founders were, like, you know what America needs? A king!”

 Noah also had a warning about the planned North Korea summit, which has been modified to a “getting-to-know-you meeting plus.” He noted: “Treat this like a ‘Roseanne’ reboot. Sure it’s on now, but it’s only one 3 a.m. tweet away from getting canceled again.”

Check out the clips above and here: