Trevor Noah Offers 'Commander-In-Tweet' Donald Trump Help To Get Back His Twitter Groove

"The Daily Show's" traveling "Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter LIbrary" is setting up shop just around the corner from the White House.

Relax, President Trump: Trevor Noah’s help is on the way to help you get back your “Twitter groove.”

Despite a nearly superhuman reach into the depths of insulting and shocking Twitter behavior, Donald Trump is beginning to bore the public, Noah pointed out.

The number of reader “engagements” with Trump’s tweets — including “likes” and retweets — are declining, according to statistics from Crowd Tangle reported by Axios.

Trump’s audience seems to be fading even with his trifecta of appalling tweets as he was jetting around Europe, Noah noted Thursday on “The Daily Show.” He managed to lash “sleepy Joe Biden,” “cryin’ Chuck Schumer” and (cue audience groans) “washed-up psycho Bette Middler.” 

The relentless attacks, while “not normal,” are building up a “tolerance” in us, Noah surmised.

But in a special message directly to the president, Noah announced that help is on the way. “The Daily Show’s” traveling “Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library” by the “commander in tweet” will set up shop in Washington June 14,  just around the corner from the White House. The president can gain new inspiration as visitors ”bask” in his “collective wisdom,” take a selfie with covfefe” — or sit on his golden toilet.

“So, Mr. President, why not take a break from your empty schedule, and stop by?” Noah urged.

Check out the good news in the video clip above.