Trevor Noah Hails Trump's Coronavirus 'Blooper' Reel As 'Comedy Gold'

"The Daily Show" host said the president's Oval Office speech was about as calming as "fireworks dropped in a bag of cocaine."

Trevor Noah on Thursday shredded President Donald Trump’s Oval Office speech on his plan to stem the spreading coronavirus, wondering: “How is it possible to have so many things wrong in a prewritten speech?”

But Noah’s favorite of all were Trump’s “bloopers,” captured on camera before and after his speech, which “The Daily Show” host deemed “comedy gold.”

Noah first had the audience groaning with a list of all the things in the actual speech the president screwed up: Warning that travelers to the U.S. would be banned from much of Europe when the new policy only pertains to foreign nationals; that cargo would also be prohibited when it won’t, and that health insurance companies would eliminate co-pays for coronavirus treatments, when he meant to say tests.

Noah called Trump’s speech about as “calming as a pack of fireworks dropped in bag of cocaine.”

The best was Trump caught on camera fiddling with a binder beforehand asking if it looked better as a prop — or not. Then he dropped the F-bomb when he suddenly noticed a pen mark on his shirt. “Anybody have any white stuff?” Trump called out.

Noah quipped: “First of all, his name is Mike Pence, OK, Mr. President?”

Check out the video, complete with bloopers, above. 

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