Trevor Noah Reveals The 'Cockblocker In Chief' Of Capitol Hill

Trump and "Count Wackula" Rudy Giuliani aren't going down without a fight, warns Noah. Then Joe Biden could have another mess on his hands.

President Donald Trump is “not a quitter” — as long as you “don’t count his casinos and marriages,” quipped Trevor Noah Thursday on “The Daily Show.”

So that’s why the president is going all out with a flurry of lawsuits against states to halt the vote count.

His personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has insisted that mail-in ballots “could be from Mars ... Joe Biden could have voted 50 times ... or 5,000 times. Do you think we’re fools?”  

Noah responded: “Calm down, Count Wackula. ... If you’re talking about you and Trump, then, yes, we think you’re fools. If you’re talking about the entire Trump administration, then also yes.”

But Noah noted that even if Joe Biden sails to the White House and dodges the lawsuits, he’ll still have to deal with the “cockblocker in chief,” Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) — who will turn Biden’s life into a frustrating hell if Republicans maintain control of the Senate.

Check out “The Daily Show” clip up top.