Trevor Noah Rips Pandemic Tourists: 'Why Are You At Disney World, Dumbass?'

"The Daily Show" host vented that "Mickey Mouse has decided that the show must go on."

Trevor Noah on Monday zinged the reopening of Disney World by reimagining the announcement that urges visitors to wear face coverings and maintain social distance.

Putting his hands over his mouth, “The Daily Show” host intoned: “Basically what we’re saying is: Why are you at Disney World, dumbass?”

He wasn’t done with his grilling after “Mickey Mouse has decided that the show must go on.” Florida has become the U.S. coronavirus hot spot as daily infections top 15,000.

Said Noah: “It’s crazy that we’re in the middle of a pandemic that’s killed hundreds of thousands of people and there are still folks out there like, ‘Life isn’t scary enough. Let’s go on a rollercoaster!’”

The comedian also joked about the theme-park obituary he wouldn’t want to read about himself.

Start at 1:55 in the video above for his Disney dissing.

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