Trevor Noah Airs Lowlights Reel Of 'Buffoon' Boris Johnson, Favorite For UK Prime Minister

"The Daily Show" host also noted the striking similarities between Donald Trump and the lawmaker favored to become the U.K.'s next leader.

Trevor Noah on Wednesday sought to introduce viewers of “The Daily Show” to Boris Johnson, the British lawmaker who is the favorite to replace outgoing Theresa May as the United Kingdom’s next prime minister.

Noah started by highlighting similarities between Johnson and U.S. President Donald Trump

“They were both born in New York City, both of them had famous cheating scandals, they have similar political beliefs, and look at them. I mean, look at them. They look like they were separated at birth, and I mean purposely,” Noah joked.

“Another thing that makes them similar is that for years no one took either of them seriously,” Noah added. “And now, just like Trump, Boris is poised to become the leader of his country, which used to be a cool job, but thanks to Brexit is about as desirable as being Kanye West’s social media manager.”

Noah noted some of the many scandals that have embroiled Johnson before ending with a spoof sitcom trailer dedicated to the “buffoon.” 

Check out the clip here: