Trevor Noah Breaks Down Why Donald Trump Is 'The Undisputed Comedy Champion'

"The Daily Show" host hailed the president's comedy as "effortless."

Donald Trump may provide Trevor Noah with plenty of memorable comic moments on “The Daily Show.” But according to the late-night TV host, the crown of “undisputed comedy champion” must go to the president himself.

Democrats are funny because “they trip over themselves so much, in times when you feel like it’s an obvious win,” Noah said in an interview with Hollywood Life published online Tuesday. Republicans, meanwhile, make people laugh “because they seem to have abandoned every single principle that they based themselves on,” he said.

“In terms of who’s funnier, I think the crown moves back and forth (between Democrats and Republicans) every day,” Noah added. “But the champion is undisputed, and he’s in the White House.”

Noah described Trump’s comedy as “effortless,” which “makes him a champ.”

Noah recently explained why Trump’s controversial 9/11 tweet was actually “a huge step in the right direction” and why he believed the anti-Trump op-ed purportedly penned by a senior White House official in The New York Times was actually pretty terrifying.