Trevor Noah: Donald Trump’s Mask Removal Stunt A ‘Biological Attack On The White House’

“I honestly can’t believe this," said "The Daily Show" host.

Trevor Noah on Tuesday roasted President Donald Trump for removing his face mask immediately after returning to the White House following three days of hospitalization for coronavirus treatment.

“The Daily Show” host described the president’s stunt on Monday night ― in front of the cameras ― as “a biological attack on the White House.”

“Goddamn. The dude ripped his mask off the second he got home,” noted Noah. “And I know Trump thinks this is a triumphant moment. But he’s presumably still riddled with COVID and he’s about to walk indoors and expose it to everyone inside?”

“Yo, this wasn’t a photo op,” Noah continued. “It was a biological attack on the White House.”

“I honestly can’t believe this. This is Trump putting his own staff at risk,” the comedian added. “You would think he would be a lot more careful about protecting his own staff. This is coronavirus, not a prison sentence. You can’t just pardon them afterwards.”

Check out Noah’s monologue here:

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