Trevor Noah Explains Why It's Scary That Donald Trump Shifted On Coronavirus

"The Daily Show" host analyzed the president's late acknowledgment that COVID-19 will get worse and came up with an alarming observation.

Trevor Noah sounded the alarm Wednesday after President Donald Trump finally admitted the coronavirus pandemic is getting worse.

“It is actually a little scary to hear Trump talk like this,” the comedian said, in the clip below. “Because when a scientist says it, it’s because those are the facts. When Trump says it, it’s because reality is so awful that it somehow cut through the thousands of layers of paranoid delusion. Like you know shit is bad when even Trump breaks character.”

Noah observed that the president’s strategy had been to pretend the problem doesn’t exist, then pretend he’s already solved the problem, then blame the media and Democrats for the problem he created.

But there was no escaping the gravity of Trump’s message, even if his newfound change of tone was insincere, Noah said.

The host likened the president’s about-face to Barney the Dinosaur ripping off his own head.

See what he means:

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