Trevor Noah Declares 'Donald Trump Is Going To Prison!' — With A Catch

"The Daily Show" host pointed out the absurdity of Trump wanting to run the country again after his organization was found guilty of financial crimes.

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah on Tuesday celebrated news of the Trump Organization being convicted of tax fraud by shouting, “Donald Trump is going to prison!” (Watch the video below.)

But that declaration came with a few qualifications and a burning zinger at the absurdity of Trump’s candidacy to regain the presidency in 2024.

Let’s replay the moment in full:

“And you know what means, Donald Trump is going to prison ... to visit all the lower-ranking people who did this without his knowledge or his permission,” Noah continued. “Because we all know how that works in the world: All the successes in Trump’s organization ― they’re due to the genius of Donald Trump. All the crimes ― he had no idea.”

Noah, adopting Trump’s voice, imagined the former president’s new campaign plea: “I have zero control over the things I run, which is why you should vote for me to run the country so I can run it like one of my companies, which I don’t even run.”

A New York jury found Trump Organization companies guilty of fraud and other financial crimes in an alleged 15-year scheme that lined the pockets of executives and enabled them to avoid paying income tax.

Trump wasn’t personally charged in the case and denied he knew about the scam, as a prosecutor had asserted. He called the case a “witch hunt.”

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